youngest_seeker (youngest_seeker) wrote,

I don't what is it with me and birthdays coming up... Maybe I'm just tired and need some break. Maybe I really need that waccom now and just doodle away like some six year...There's something about keeping my hands busy and my right brain working that eases my day. Or maybe, just maybe, it just that time of the month and has got nothing to do with with my birthday coming up. Even now, I'm being constantly reminded by my friends and co workers about it; only because, it's tradition here to treat them either out after work or order some food and have a little feast around the office.

That said, I have this depressing song in my head that won't go away by Barry Manilow "Even now" and toni_nail 's Remus missing Sirius plays in mind. So I will probably spending a few hours doodling that until I can get it off my head. Oh God, I wish he had given me the gift to draw. Heh.

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