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There's going to be a death in the family within this week. I'm not predicting it, it's inevitable. And then there's my little one's exams too. Enough said... -goes on Remus mode and evades the topic-

I find solace in this Essay about my feelings and what I though about the marauders, specially about Remus and Sirius. It's like she read my mind and how I felt at the time when I read the book. I'm glad, I've stumbled on it today, my guilty pleasure has been fed again. by Elwing

and by Blacksatinrose

Back to work...

There are a few doodles that've been scanned, but I just don't feel posting it yet ... I can't draw the dragon and the stag needs loads of help. Heh. I might redraw it or just simple eraase that part and have it scan it again. =/.
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