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Well, it's my birthday too and the way I want to celebrate it is to draw something I can give to some people. Great thing happened today after I have been happily greeted through text and some phone calls and emails is that Mom came to the office. Oh my god. Why? She brought some food of course and her voice was really echoing in the room. I was with some clients who was only too generous enough to wait outside while my mom, with her high pitch voice and almost shouting greeted me and automatically assume I have all the time in the world. I'm sure everyone in the office heard our conversation. well her part of the story that is (I think she has a hard time hearing this pass few months because of her diabetes and all.) I've already reached for my wallet while she was reminding me about my brothers’ responsibility, and how I was the vassal on getting the money to them. I should have just shut up, thanked her that she remember and walked her down, outside the office and get a taxi for her. But no, I have to remind her about the money, how to be careful with it and not just put her wallet down somewhere 'cause it happened before more than one wished to be reminded. I should have just let her be the parent and I, still the child before I again reminded her about managing her money and all. I don't know which part was more or most embarrassing, her shouting her lungs out at me because I won't mind my own business how she scoundrel the money away sometimes, heads peeking in, lips pinned to a painful line and me waving a hand to those head to just go away please. Or her walking out in the office, still talking to herself, hearing some voices in her head again and talking to them. I didn't know how I face those clients after that but I did as if nothing happened. If they ask what was that about, I would probably answer them but since they have the courtesy not ... business as usual.
I still have dinner with my in-laws tonight, where I am supposed to treat them to some very fancy Chinese restaurant. Not that I mind, its just that, I don’t feel celebrating really. Well, I think the worst is over. Some sketches will be posted after Leo scanned them. Heh.

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